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Topping Up

Balance Enquiries and Topping up Your Account

Use FLEX Check to find out your balance anytime. Simply type *120# and press SEND. The system will send back a text message to confirm your balance and expiry date.

A better way to add credit to your account, FLEX Card Top Up is easy, quick and convenient.
Purchase a FLEX Card from our vendors islandwide, in fixed amounts of $10, $15, $25, $40, $70.

      Follow these 3 simple steps to apply your FLEX Card Top Up:
  • Type *121*voucher number#
  • Press SEND
  • CHECK the screen on your phone for the confirmation message.
This is an easy to use, voucher-less Top Up method. Purchase credit anytime, anywhere from our authorized vendors to Top Up any local Digicel account directly.
  • Mobile Top Up Vendors use a mobile phone to send credit directly to the customer's account.
  • Electronic Top Up Vendors use a computer to send credit directly to the customer's account.
Customers can Top Up using the Digicel Online Top Up service. To do so customer must visit and select their respective country or the Digicel website of their country and click on the Digicel Online Top Up link. Customers must register first in order to use this service. Instructions and terms and conditions are available on the website.
Transfer credit to another Digicel customer.
Dial *128*1(area code) number the credit is going to * amount sending #.
Press SEND.
Top up another Digicel customer's account using a voucher.
Dial *125*(area code) number the credit is going to #.
Press SEND and follow the instructions received.
The customer who is receiving the credit will get a text confirming receipt of the credit.

So many options to Top Up your Digicel phone, and you can check your balance at any time. Now that's FLEX-ability!

Please remember that you have 60 days in which to top-up your Digicel Flex account after the expiration of each FLEXcard. If you fail to do this, your account will be deactivated. You will be able to receive calls but will need to top-up in order to make a call. If your account remains dormant for an additional 60 days, your account will automatically be terminated which means you will have to purchase a new SIM card and a new number will be provisioned.

Card Value (EC $) Expiration Date
EC$10.00 90 days after top-up
EC$15.00 90 days after top-up
EC$25.00 135 days after top-up
EC$40.00 180 days after top-up
EC$70.00 270 days after top-up